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The design process starts by getting to know you. Your lifestyle, preferences, quirks, budgetary constraints and vision for the space are all the base material from which the design is formed. That base material is then turned into a number of conceptual concepts each offering different aesthetic and functional solutions. The planning step is the single most important part of the design process. The chosen concept is then developed into detailed design construction documents that are ready to be presented for building permit approval and are the basis for contractor bids.  Procurement of goods is next with many projects including site specific furniture which can be fabricated upon request.  Finally, construction oversight services are provided to ensure quality of work and trouble shoot as needed.

What we do

Design Development

Construction Documents
Construction Administration
As-built Documentation
Title 24 Certification
Material and Finish selection
Furniture & Lighting Selection & Procurement
Custom Furniture & Cabinetry Design, Fabrication & Consultation
3D Modeling & Digital Rendering
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